Daya Charan and Group is one of the leading service providers of Bulldozers. Our team of mechanics and technicians are capable of refurbishing an old bulldozer to a completely new one with a series of testing done before unloading the final refurbished bulldozers on site. We provide old and used bulldozers for sale all over India and overseas as well. We have successfully refurbished old and second-hand dozers into standardized usable bulldozer which have either been sold further to clients or used by our own firm of known brands like Caterpillar, Beml, Komatsu eg. Bulldozer models – Caterpillar D6, beml d50 etc. Our robust system ensures that the owners of the old bulldozers bought by us get on optimum value for the refurbished machine they sell by accurately judging the parameters on which the machines sell carries usability.

Our refurbished machines have always been considered in good stead in the HEMM market due to a reasonably low cost (up to 1/4th of the price of an original machine) and our exacting quality control measures. Our stringent checks ensure that not even the smallest part of the dozer is spared a thorough check and a possible replacement of brand new and genuine spare parts. Our quality checks originate right from the interiors, suspension and locks of a machine to the outward painting and polishing. Such pin‐to‐pin check-ups ensure the running of the machine over and above the minimum barrier of a standardized acceptable bulldozer, and the buyer gets a ready to use refurbished machine at quarter the price of a new machine with similar specifications. When it comes to refurbishment, we believe in completely transforming old or used dozer Machine to a new one through our years of experience and rich knowledge in the field of bulldozers.

We also use manuals and catalogs along with machines and provide skill enhancement training to operators and mechanics at the request of the clients purchasing equipment from us. We offer one of the largest ranges of used bulldozers for sale in India.

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