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Bulldozer Hire


Bulldozer hire is one of the major fields of work of Daya Charan & Company. Our experience and knowledge of bulldozers are what make us strong in bulldozer hiring work. Our dozer hiring and rental services are spread all over India.  A Bulldozer is one of the toughest construction equipment to manage. Chain mounted bulldozers are heavy, tracked vehicles with a large, metal plate – a blade – in front, capable of pushing material, such as dirt, sand, snow or debris or even breaking through walls or other obstacles on demolition projects.

Bulldozers are used for the following purposes:

  • In coal fields: for coal mining and feeding
  • To drag and man-oeuvre heavy objects during construction or demolition activities
  • For solid waste management in landfills
  • To pack dirt and landscaping at construction sites
  • In the early stages of construction of roads and parking lots.
  • For other allied jobs like work in thermal power plants,
  • Sand mining, grading processes, earth leveling, coal ash loading and ash dam management.
  • Solar Power Plant, Airport Project

Along with the earth moving machines on hire, we also provide skilled technicians and drivers who have several years of experience in the field. Our technicians and drivers are capable of working during the day as well as night shifts and can successfully complete field contracts within the designated time. Our body of work is complemented with an equally efficient on-site service and maintenance.

We proudly claim to be the owner of more than 60 bulldozers and excavators ranging from 9 TON to 36 TON and are of world-famous manufacturers like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited). We are also Pan India dealers for the company, HBXG, for selling brand new bulldozers. We deal in hiring, rental and sale of highly advanced bulldozers at reasonable prices, old as well as new bulldozers, for more than 5 decades. Our experience and knowledge in this Bulldozer Hiring Industry combine Coal mining works, solid waste management, solar and thermal power plants, dozer machine for sand and soap mining, airports, railways and road construction work for land leveling etc. Our esteemed clients include government agencies, municipal corporations as well as private firms all over India.  In a coal mining project, earth moving equipment such as bulldozers & excavators is used for moving minerals as well as the earth.

ModelMakeEngine HPBlade Size (MM)Operation Weight
BD50BEML90 HP3350 X 85511 TON
BD80BEML180 HP4260 X 108020 TON
BD155BEML324 HP4850 X 114036 TON
ModelMakeEngine HPDozing Capacity (cubic meter)Operation Weight
SD5K(hydrostatic)HBXG132 HP3.113 TON
TY165-3HBXG165 HP5.218 TON
SD7K(hydrostatic)HBXG248 HP8.125 TON
SD8NHBXG345 HP11.2432 TON
SD9HBXG430 HP13.545 TON

Bulldozers For Rent

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