bulldozer mining

Our machines have been deployed in coal mines for the processes of digging, stacking and removal of overburden. Apart from coal mines, we have also dealt with other aggregates/minerals and materials like crushed stone, stone dust and limestone. bulldozer working with Sand to construct the road, Crawler bulldozer working in sand mines. bulldozer working for sand mining.

Bulldozer road work                                THERMAL PLANTS
The scope of our work ranges from unloading, stacking and pushing of coal to maintenance and cleaning of ash dams.

Escorts vibro


Daya Charan and Company has several decades of experience of working for projects of earth leveling. With passage of time, we have geared ourselves to the changing needs of the market and complicated nature of jobs by updating to the latest methods of earth digging, leveling, shifting and cleaning, for both government and private sector clientele.

bulldozer cement

Our work in cement plant has been very extensive, right from unloading of material to pushing the finished product for conveyance.

Grader is also known as a road grader,or motor grader. These construction machines include long blades that are used for creating flat surfaces for the mineral pitch placement and level surface in constructing new roads and making crinkled grounds level.
Distinctive models comprise two-dimensional figure, engine and cab placed over the back end of the vehicle, third axle to the front with blades in the central.
We have taken up several contracts for startā€up cleaning, earth filling and compacting across the country. Besides, we have also worked for EPC airport projects, airport construction, earning accolades for the work done.

Other Machines that we provide on hiring basis/contractual works :

Motor grader, is a construction machine having three axles, with the engine and cab situated above the rear axles at one end of the vehicle and a third axle at the front end of the vehicle, with the blade in between which is mainly used in fine grading with precision of the work done performed by heavy equipment such as scrapers and Bulldozers.
They can be mobilized to work site more easily and effectively because of its road worthiness and thus are most versatile general construction equipment.

List of Motor Grader we offer:- Enquire now Button

Model Weight Make Engine HP Blade Size Operation (I Meters)
GD511 KOMATSU 135 HP 3.70 M 10.8 TON
120H CATERPILLAR 140 HP 3.70 M 12.7 TON
605 BEML 152 HP 3.70 M 13.8 TON

A Wheel loader is a heavy equipment machine for loading and carrying heavy or large amounts of material. A loader is a type of heavy earth moving machinery which is usually wheeled, that has a front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two arms to pick up loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, recycled material and move it from one place to another without pushing the material across the ground. We offer our clients Wheel Loaders HM 2021 which are highly reliable.

List of Wheel Loader we offer:- 

Model Make Engine HP Bucket Size Operation weight
HM2021 CATERPILLAR 112 HP 1.70 CUM 9.5 TON

Generators are a common fixture for Power Generation in different settings, from homes to offices to industrial buildings. Used for the generation of electric power generators may run constantly or be kept on standby for emergency backup power. diesel generators in almost every output range which starts from 15kW~2000kW.
you can easily convert diesel energy into electrical energy through the principal of mutual-induction. some of the most common benefits of using diesel generators for commercial purposes.

List of Diesel Generating Set we offer:- 

Model/Make Power Capacity
Sudhir/Cummins 125KVA

SOIL COMPACTORThe Soil Compactors are used for compaction of the ground. The compactors deliver a rapid sequence of impacts to the surface, thereby affecting the top layers as well as deep layers. Vibration moves through the material, setting particles in motion and moving them closer together for the highest density possible.

The Soil compactor is a great option for someone planning to work on grainy soil, such as dirt, sand or gravel with plenty of material mixed in. It is a very effective Machine at removing land pockets to leave the ground surface extremely compact. The standard plate compactor will operate in a single direction. There are also vehicles for waste collection that have these compactors built into them like sliding plates and these functions hydraulically.

List of Soil Compactor Set we offer:-

Model Make Engine HP Drum Width Operation weight
EC 5250 ESCORTS 108 HP 7 Feet 10 TON

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