Caterpillar bulldozers for sale

Caterpillar is one of the oldest globally known bulldozer manufacturers. CAT dozers are robust in structure, salient in features and exhaustive in performance. Daya Charan & Company brings the best of these Caterpillar bulldozers for sale. These dozers provide great finish work and help in timely completion with their finesse and expert build.
The track-type CAT D4-D small tractor, D5G bulldozer with its comfortable operator station, excellent visibility and simple joystick control and D6G dozers ensuring compatibility, maximum performance and reliability are the most sustainable solutions as industry equipment that you will need from the construction market. We provide old and used caterpillar bulldozer for sale in excellent working condition with pin to pin checkups at reasonable prices.


Solid waste Management plant ‘Faridabad’

‘Daya Charan and Company’ handle Solid waste management plant Faridabad ‘Gurugram’ India

Solid waste treatment

The MSW landfill in Gurugram, India. In 2015 survey by an environment expert found that both surface and groundwater in Gurugram were highly polluted due to the leachate percolating into the ground. Around 1,20 0 tonnes of waste is dumped at the site daily.

Municipal Solid Waste management involves the separation, segregation, and shifting of waste material like household trash, plastic holders, bundling nourishment scraps and other wastes from private, business, and other modern sources.

Daya Charan and Company has been dealing in Municipal Solid Waste and Landfill Management, leachate control, unorganized landfills management, complete landfill remediation contracts etc. for the past 5 Years.

We work for Landfill and Solid Waste Management in India including environmentally sound waste diversion, recycling, and dumping of solid waste. We use the most advanced techniques and different methods to eliminate foul smell and flies. Our bulldozers are deployed on landfills so that effective dumping of waste takes place. We also use special bulldozers with the solid waste blade to provide more efficiency in the work.

Objectives of solid waste management in india

Crawler Bulldozer

Bulldozer Bd80

Crawler Dozers | Construction Equipment

Bulldozer is a very powerful heavy earthmoving machinery that is equipped with a heavy metal blade in front. Crawler Bulldozer are powerful tracked machines that use mounted blades to move material. Bulldozers are large and extremely powerful tracked Equipment for its purpose of moving or shifting of large amounts of earth, soil, debris or stones. Bulldozers are sometimes used in conjunction with backhoes and other digging machines.

While most bulldozers come with standard sprocket design, some big bulldozers have elevated sprocket design providing improved efficiency, better operator line of sight, broader blade size and more torque to the machine. Run on tracked chains, special triangular track or LGP (Low ground pressure) plates are also manufactured for the easy movement of dozer on swamplands.
Crawler Dozer Like as Construction equipment is used for variation of applications in road building, dam construction, mining works, coal plants, cement factories, levelling land etc. These are large and powerful tracked heavy earthmoving machines not commonly seen but and most of them run on chain tracks which evenly distribute its heavy weight and does not let it sink in the muddy/sandy area.

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